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2021 DFWOH

1953 Dragon Team and the 1960 Dragon Team

Class of 2019 Elton D. Kelly, Glenn Elmore, 1968 Dragon team, 1969 Dragon Team, Tom Williams, Koby McKinnon

Class of 2018 Honorees Charles Garris, Tommy Bryant, 2008 Dragon Team, John Kelly, Sam Grayson

Class of 2017 Honorees Joe McGoogan, John Enis, David Carpenter, Robby Lowe, Gerod Payne, Ronald Farrar

Class of 2016 Honorees Eddie Malone, Jerry McKinnon, 1986 Dragon Football team, Jerry Brewer, Randy Cole

Class of 2015 Honorees Tom Jerry, Richard Wilson, Michael Hall, Marcus Godfrey, Rod Harrington

Class of 2014 Honorees G.C. Emerson, Paul H Muse, Bob McKinnon

Class of 2013 Honorees Kevin Payne and the 2003 Dragon Football Team